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Quality Loop offers an easy and centralized way for collecting and handling post market surveillance data. A single, familiar, and easy-to-use interface for data intake combined with data processing and analytical capabilities.


Sending feedback made easy

Search for a product by using the search bar or by scanning a bar- or QR-code. Quality Loop will retrieve the relevant, validated information and either display it or offer the correct reporting forms for you to give feedback immediately.

Optimized for Post Market Surveillance

Quality departments in healthcare still rely on various (old) channels of communication for their post market surveillance activities. These are not truly fit-for-purpose and bring along disadvantages such as complex audit trails or missing information which will require lengthy follow-ups.

Our platform is designed with post market surveillance in mind. Every element has been chosen to streamline the intake process and to make sending feedback an 'almost' enjoyable task.


Adverse Events, Quality Issues and Counterfeits

Our forms have been created using expert knowledge to make the process of giving feedback as easy and efficient as possible while still capturing the required information for a product quality investigation.

Guides on how to fill out certain fields or where to find required product information help the user get through the forms quickly and without effort.

Since you can do all of that using a mobile device, taking pictures to support your case can now be done in a few clicks directly from your device.

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